Our Philosophy

What Makes Us Different

Better Treatment.

Knox Financial is modeled like a primary care doctor’s practice. When you are not feeling well or need to go for your annual physical, you go see your primary care doctor. If there is a problem that the Doctor cannot fix, then he will refer you to another professional that can. We are modeled the same way. Next to your physical & spiritual health, few things are as important as your financial health. Like your physical health, your financial health is constantly changing (for the better or for worse) due to the substantial number of variables and constraints. Knox Financial is there to do your annual financial check up to monitor how these variable and constraints are affecting your financial health.

Our clients don't want a salesperson for investment products, insurance products, or other investments commodities. They want a specialist who is both objective and professional at handling their kind of account and financial situation. We are able to educate clients about financial planning, create a workable system that is suitable to their goals and risk tolerance, and maintain an overall view of investments, insurance, and tax considerations of their long-term goals. We will coordinate with other professional experts they work with such as your accountant and lawyer. We act as our client's human browser - we try to anticipate our clients' questions and concerns, supply key information, and devise customized financial solutions. Our job is to simplify a complex world and to provide customized solutions for busy clients who don't have the time or the desire to become financial specialists themselves.